Fast Processing of Client Specific Documents

Documents - Legal Documents

Cottonwood Technology Consulting LLC is experienced in the ISNetworld, PEC Safety, and PIC Auditing Resource Data Centers and is able to provide quality and quick services to meet the requirements of your Gas & Oil Industry Clients in obtaining and submittal of the specific documents such as:


• Certificates of Insurance
• Workers Compensation
• Drug and Alcohol Plans

• Experience Modification Rating (EMR)
• OSHA 300 Logs
• Operator Qualifed (OQ)

• Safety Awareness Training
• Training Qualification (TQ)

•Designated Employer Representative (DER) Certified

•Registered Agent for the State of Montana

Comply with the requirements of your Clients' Master Service Agreements. Cottonwood Technology Consulting LLC will efficiently monitor your company's ISNetworld (ISN), PEC Safety, and PICS Auditing accounts by preparing and maintaining the ISNetworld Management System Questionnaire (MSQ) and PEC Safety Standard Safety Questionnaire (SSQ), PICS Prequalification Questionnaire, and submittal of all required certificates of insurance, experience modification ratings (EMR), OSHA Incident Reporting, Quality Assurance - Quality Control (QAQC), and Safety Programs, etc.  

Cottonwood Technology Consulting LLC can also provide maintenance of other required programs such as the National Compliance Management Services (NCMS), Veriforce, and TEAM Professional Services (Alcohol and Drug Program).



Cottonwood Technology Consulting LLC is experienced in the following programs: 

  • ISNetworld Database
  • PEC Premium Database
  • PIC Auditing Database
  • NCMS Audit Program
  • WPCI Drug and Alchol Testing